Secure your course at University for a smooth and easy start in September


Summer is here, lockdown measures are starting to be ease after so many days and we are starting to think about the holiday.

Yet, is time to secure your course at University for a smooth and easy start in September. ?‍??‍?

Are you ready?
We are recruiting!

And are ready to guide you on:

?How to choose an undergraduate or postgraduate course!

With so many courses on offer – and not just in the subject areas you would expect – there will be courses in subjects and subject combinations you’ve never even considered, so it’s important you explore the different options thoroughly.

Here’s how to get started: ?
• Choose a subject – the important thing is to choose a subject you enjoy that will help you reach your goals. Think about what you`re passionate about, what you’re aiming to get out of the course – career progression, career change, or the chance to study a subject you love in more depth.
• Look at our subject offer to understand what the different subject areas have to offer – including graduate destinations, entry requirements, and personal statement tips.
• Contact us for guiding your steps to your dreamed course.

We can help with enrolling and getting funds for tuition fees and living costs.

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